Mother’s Day

Dir. Darren Lynn Bousman; 2010; USA; Horror; Rebecca de Mornay

I’ll hold my hand up and admit that I haven’t seen the original, though it would appear that Bousman has followed the latest fashion and “re-imagined” Kaufman’s original rather than “re-made” it.

Early reports would suggest that this film stands up on it’s own and promises unhealthy levels of violence and tension. I’m not a big fan of De Mornay but it looks like she may have pulled a performance out of  the hat here.

This doesn’t really scream a “SITGES” film though and will get bounced should it’s screening clash with anything from Korea or Belgium. And I mean anything.

IMDB entry for Mother’s day

Official site

Wise words:

Dreadcentral on Mother’s day

Fearnet Interview with the director

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