Life 2.0

Dir: Jason Spingarn-Koff; 2010; USA; Documentary.

As I think I mentioned in the preview for Chatroom, I’m a sucker for anything technology. This documentary looks at the Second Life phenomenon where you are literally able to create a new you online and live in that world.

Whilst the idea of recreating myself as a skinny lothario who wears snakeskin trousers and being irresistible to women is very appealing, personally I don’t really see the point. It’s not necessarily something I’d do, as I’ve cocked this life up a fair bit and couldn’t cope with the embarrassment  of messing up another.

However, we do love a late morning / early afternoon documentary in the Prado, maybe this could be the one.

IMDB Link For Life 2.0

Official Site For Life 2.0

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