Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Dir. Wai Keung Lau; 2010; Hong Kong; Action; Donnie Yen; 105 mins

Director Lau of INFERNAL AFFAIRS fame impressed us with his CONFESSION OF PAIN at Sitges in 2007. And as we wouldn’t have had THE DEPARTED without him he’s pretty much round-housing his way into our good books.

Now throw into the mix the fact that LEGEND OF THE FIST brings Chen Zhen back to the big screen, the legendary character portrayed by Bruce Lee in FIST OF FURY, this time getting his boots filled by the almost-as-impressive Donnie Yen, and we could just have our first martial arts film making the 2010 list

Whenever you’re ready, I’ll take on any japanese here

IMDB entry for Legend of the fist

Wise words:

Hollywood reporter on Legend of the fist

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