Kaboom – Our Sitges Preview

Dir: Gregg Araki; 2010; USA; Comedy / Sci-Fi; Thomas Dekker, James Duval

I’m a bit confused about this. One website describes it as a film about the sexual awakening of a group of college students so it’s not normally the kind of film that I would expect to see at Sitges.

However, it seemed to stir up a fair bit of controversy at Cannes and it’s also showing at this year’s Frightfest so there must be something slightly off-kilter about it.

A huge box was ticked for us when it was described as being a Twin Peaks for the noughties. Huge words, but it’s meant that this one might get our hard earned cash.

IMDB Link for Kaboom

Wise Words

Collider on Kaboom

Hey U Guys on Kaboom

There’s no trailer available yet but there are some clips on YouTube, first one is below:

One thought on “Kaboom – Our Sitges Preview

  1. I was quite looking forward to this, so now that I have seen it my disappointment is even bigger!
    this is a completely pointless, wit-less film. It’s un-funny, not scary, and not even the sex scenes managed to be sexy.
    Very disappointing and a waste of Thomas Dekker who has actually a very interesting face and he could be rather good in a better film…
    I’ll give Araki one last chance then I’ll begin to think that “Mysterious Skin” was just a lucky mistake in an otherwise disastrous filmography.
    MY FULL REVIEW wp.me/p19wJ2-jd

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