Holy Motors

Dir. Leos Carax; 2012; France; Drama; Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes; 115mins

A short preview we could give here would be….”It stars Eva Mendes. We’re watching it!”. Another might be…….”It looks way too French. Not a F*cking chance we’re watching it!” But this is Sitges. Where the weird and wonderful are welcomed alike. The word “Bonkers” appears to be the critics go-to adjective thus far. This comes as little surprise as we witnessed Carax’s bonkers third of the film TOKYO at Sitges in 2008.

If its weird ticket wasn’t already enough to get it beyond the rope of the Corridorstyle VIP lounge then Denis Lavant’s promised performance would probably clinch it. Casting our mind back to Mathieu Amalric’s lead in 2009’s LES DERNIERS JOURS DU MONDE, we’ve a soft spot for a Frenchman let loose to be a loony.

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