Dir: Sergio Caballero; 2010; Spain;  Pau Nubiola, Pavel Lukianov, Santi Serra, Yuri Mykhaylychenko; 80 Mins.

I can’t find any information anywhere on the web other than the official site, but check out the synopsis below:

Finisterrae isn’t a conventional film. The idea of the film in itself is unheard of, with a philosophy that starts off in the first place from the filming and the capture of images to elaborating the script and adding the dialogue later. This process has allowed the classic structure of a ‘road movie’ to be experimented and has been developed with the freedom of not having to give itself up to a tight script.

The rest is enigmatic and singular cinema, impregnated with a very particular atmosphere, full of unusually beautiful imagery and a sense of humour both ironic and surreal.

Finisterrae tells the story of two ghosts who, tired of wandering through limbo, decide to take the Way of Saint James, to the end of the world (Finisterra) so that once there, they may begin a fleeting, earthly journey through the land of the living.

An introspective journey through uninhabited lands in which they are to find themselves with strange beings, wild animals and characters never before heard of. They must confront unexpected situations, battle with their own fears and struggle with the obstacles of their own phantasmagoric condition.

You’ve got to check out the trailer, it’s freaky as shit!

I’m guessing this is in the Galician language as the website says that it’s got Spanish subtitles. This probably means that there’s very little chance of English subtitles, which in turn means there’s very little chance we’ll see it.


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