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Having previously set-up shop at a different location, we thought we’d let all you new visitors to our Blog get a ganders at all the thrills, pills and bellyaches we had in the past……

Here are some news entries from the past year


Unique New York

Further to my previous post (currently floating somewhere in the ether) where I smacked team CorridorStyle upside its head for the shoddy decision to visit NYC just two weeks after the Tribeca film festival had wrapped, I see we’ve also managed to get in and out of “The Big A” a little under a month before the NYAFF (NY Asian Film Fest) starts

Great timing guys! Get me my secretary so I can smack her round the head with a rolled up copy of Variety.


I was handed a copy of “MONGOL” last night (cheers Neil) so I’ll be drawing the curtains and settling down for my own mini “Sitges comes to town” film festival this weekend.  Having recently attempted to imbue Neil with a little of my love for all things cinematically Asian (OLD BOY and BITERSWEET LIFE, both dismissed with a “nah” and a shrug of the shoulders!!!!), it took me all my effort to restrain from adopting the condescending pose of the all-knowing cineaste (that I am) as he now handed me a film I feel sure would have dipped below his radar previously.

That said, Shaun and I both passed on the chance to see MONGOL at Sitges last year though I feel that that , at least in part, was to do with 126 minute running time and the quantity of beer we’d already consumed that day. The billboard advertising the film outside the Melia was class and it’s good to now see those same piercing eyes of Genghis staring out at me from the DVD cover.

For those that are interested – That’ll be you then Mr.D – I’ll drop my review in the site’s “TOP-DRAWER” section next week



For those already enslaved to the plethora of infectious social networking sites that’s out there, here’s one more for the pile. CORRIDORSTYLE has fired up it’s own TWITTER page, as have your CS hosts. Follow us at:

20.12.08 – I never liked a girl well enough to give her 12 sharp knives.

Now let’s not get into the whole who neglected which website first. Life is full of unfulfilled promises, shattered dreams, bitches waiting to smash you in the face with a toaster just when you’re getting back on your feet. Let’s just say we took a couple of weeks off to recharge our creative batteries in preparation for a festive onslaught. To steady our nerves for the big push onwards and upwards into the New Year. Corridor Style flow doesn’t just come by turning on a tap you know. Anyway, it’s Christmas. Give us a break.

I’m personally going to stick IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and SCROOGED on continuous loop and break out the Eggnog.

Merry Christmas, movie house! Merry Christmas, Emporium! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan!

23.12.08 – Colin and Ed’s sing-a-long

A great list then from the legend that is Edgar Wright (see post below) but one that no doubt has you nodding and shaking your head in equal parts. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth:

(Disclaimer: These comments are those of the author only and in no way represent the views of CorridorStyle Pan-Universal Conglomerate Corp. Basically, the only thing Shaun and I agree on is when is a good time to go for a beer and what constitutes cool trainers and Edgar Wright’s list contains a number of films where Shaun and I have had to arm wrestle over who holds the correct view point)

I am all over Ed’s first three. Our Sitges Blog declared our love of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and I’m still undergoing psychiatric counselling for my unhealthy infatuation with SYNECDOCHE. I also chose the CS soapbox to nominate Robert Downey Jr for President after his turn in IRON MAN (and the same goes for his turn in TROPIC THUNDER – Ed’s no.25).

After that I’m struggling a little (I live in the sticks) and have only seen four of Ed’s other picks. I though CLOVERFIELD was less than average, REC was good, HELLBOY II was disappointing but THE DARK NIGHT was top drawer.

I intended to catch NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (Shaun and I baulked it in Sitges to go for a beer instead), BURN AFTER READING, JCVD (another Sitges refusal for the same reason), TCCO BENJAMIN BUTTON, MILK, W, ZACK AND MIRI, and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. It makes me wonder what exactly I’ve been doing this year to miss so many films, however, now that Ed’s given them extra credo I’ll pull my finger out and play catch-up in 2009.

I’m hoping Shaun will throw up his comments to Ed’s list too and, as ever, you’re welcome to send in your own views to either of the e-mail addresses listed above (It’s ok – I’m not holding my breath)

23.12.08 – Edgar Wright’s 2008 film list. Yes, the one he posted, like, a million years ago.

Now I know Ed threw this up on his Blog December 14th, and the list itself couldn’t have subsequently been splashed around on more websites if it had been titled “my 29 top Britney Spears knickerless photos of 2008”, however, for reasons explained in our last post, we’ve been busy (making eggnog), so just deal with it’s slightly tardy appearance here.

Ed has since updated his list so you should visit his Myspace site ( to get the lo-down. Basically, we’ve reproduced it here so that it takes up more space and gives the appearance that we’re writing more on this site than we actually are. It should be noted however that I have gone to incredible time and effort to link each of the film titles to their respective IMDB entry so, for the three people that actually bother to check into our site biannually, you can see what got Ed so frothy. I hope you appreciate it. (P.S – I’m going to post my comments to Ed’s list in the next news item so it again appears that we’re entering more stuff than we actually are

Edgar Wright’s top 29 films of 2008 are:

1. Let the Right One In

2. Synecdoche, New York

3. Iron Man

4. Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!

5. Man on Wire

6. Hunger

7. Frost/Nixon

8. The Dark Knight

9. Burn After Reading

10. Wall-E

11. Rachel Getting Married

12. Slumdog Millionaire

13. Happy-Go-Lucky

14. Gran Torino

15. Kung Fu Panda (IMAX)

16. Rec

17. Cloverfield

18. JCVD

19. Son of Rambow

20. Rambo

21. The Ruins

22. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

23. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

24. The Foot Fist Way

25. Tropic Thunder

26. Milk

27. W.

28. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

29. Pineapple Express

07.11.08 – Well. At least it looks like Cage’s hair won’t have a part

Here at CS we’ve unashamedly shown our love and affection for Lord Park Chan-wook and, as with all passionate relationships, we can sometimes get a bit clingy and protective. This was very much the case when we first heard that Nicolas Cage was considering remaking Old boy. Shaun was poised with plackard making tool-kit in hand, ready for a guerilla attack on the first establishment to dare associate itself with such a blasphemous project.

So it’s with some trepidation that I read the news over at our friends at Variety that it’s now Dreamworks who are in the process of securing the remake rights to OLD BOY with Steven Spielberg and Will Smith heading up the project.

Now let’s be clear. Spielberg; Genius. Smith; Genius. Spielberg/Smith remake of a Korean revenge masterpiece to which I’m unstably close. Hmmm. I better get Shaun some new marker pens and put him on high plackard alert just in case. Here’s hoping he won’t need them.

07.11.08 – They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.

With no particular reason other than the fact that his latest film, ROLE MODEL, opens today, I’ve chosen now to shout it from the highest rooftop – “I love Paul Rudd”. Though my ancestors would have done the Irish jig in their graves, I’ll hold my hand up and say that after watching ANCHORMAN I momentarily considered changing my name to Brian Fantana.

It’s good to know then that you’re not alone in, let’s face it, your rather weird affection for another full grown person you’ve never actually met so I took comfort from this piece over at

04.11.08 – Robert Downey Jr. for president

While everyone’s busy queueing up this morning to ‘X’ their box I’m already putting forward my nominations for the next U.S President.

And the nominations are………Robert Downey Jr and Tony Stark.

I don’t care who gets elected and whether he runs as a Democrat or a Republican, I just want to see as much of RDJ as possible while he’s on the kind of form we’ve seen of late.

Hooray then that Marvel have announced that Bobby-D has not only signed up for IRON MAN 2 and 3, but he will also return as Tony Stark in THE AVENGERS. What’s more, we get CS hall-of-famer John Favreau thrown in for free.

Looks like RDJ will be busy until 2012 then. That frees him up just in time to start his campaign trail.

03.11.08 – Shaun’s a bit of a Hellraiser.

Shaun e-mailed to tell me that MARTYRS had a “one-night-only” screening at The Broadway in Nottingham last night and, true to our recent MARTYRS rift at Sitges, he’d thought about making a placard and staging a one man protest outside the theatre. If you saw anyone handcuffed to the Broadway bike rail today, that will have been Shaun.

Which of course segues beautifully into this piece I saw over at The Hollywood reporter where MARTYRS director Pascal Laugier is said to be in final negotiations to write and direct Dimension’s “re-imagining” (it’s not a “re-make”. Honest!) of the 1987 film HELLRAISER.

Any suggestions for Shaun’s subsequent protest placard can be sent to The most imaginative use of the word “pin-head” wins a night handcuffed to The Broadway bar where the drinks will be on the CS tab

30.10.08 –  Attention! (said in my best “Allo ‘Allo!” French accent by the way…)

For anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to our Sitges Blog earlier this month (that’s pretty much you then Mr.D – Check it out! Your our No.1 fan), you may have picked up that there was a small difference of opinion in the CS camp concerning the French film MARTYRS. Well, for those of you who haven’t yet had the “pleasure” of catching the film, the wait will soon be over as the Region One DVD release has been slated for February 24th next year. Stick it on the bottom of your Christmas list (pending) or tell the girlfriend you’ve got her something so special for Valentine’s day she going to have to wait another week for it to arrive. Either way check it out and tell us what you think, but only tell us what you think if you think I’m right and Shaun’s wrong.

30.10.08 – My Oldman’s not a dustman, he’s a villan.

Casting your eye back to one of our news posts at the end of last month (30.09.08 – RAIN FALL) you’ll gather we like Gary Oldman so I was childlishly excited to see this article over at our friends at Quiet Earth. It was announced earlier this year that Denzel Washington was to star in BOOK OF ELI, the story of “a lone hero in a not-too-distant apocalyptic future who must fight across America to bring society the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption.” Oldman has now been lined up to portray the despot of a small makeshift town who’s determined to take possession of the book Eli’s guarding. Not only do we get more of Oldman, we’ll hopefully get more of Oldman’s villan within.

It’s also worth noting that directors Albert and Allen Hughes will be working from a script originally penned by Gary Whitta, the man connected with the live action re-working of the Manga classic AKIRA

Lensing begins in New Mexico in February with the U.S. release slated for Jan. 15, 2010.

27.10.08 – Free Pearl Jam tour documentary

We’re not political here at CS unless it’s Friday and I’m juiced in beer-o-clock mode so the following is just a heads up for the music, not the relevance to the upcoming US elections.

Next week, Pearl Jam will release a free documentary of the group’s 2004 “vote for change” tour featuring live performances and behind the scenes footage. One side of the CS team may lean towards Pearl Jam more than the other but the video will also include Death Cab For Cutie footage who’s latest album “Narrow Stairs” got a unified thumbs up from the team. According to the band the 8mm film shot by Rick Charnoski and Colin Nichols allows fans to “take a look back to take a look forward” before this year’s election.

27.10.08 – I’m over it already!

I know I said I would get over it so this is my final, final, last mention of SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK. Honest!

Head over to the latest Creative Screenwriting Magazine Podcast for a Jeff Goldsmith interview with Charlie Kaufman. What can I say, I think Kaufman’s the bomb.

23.10.08 – It must be the onset of Autumn

Shaun will no doubt soon be posting a great piece on an upcoming kick-ass vampire martial art film set in Tokyo in 2059, written, directed by, and starring Edward Norton. However, until then I’m still feeling a little pensive and wanted to draw your attention to another SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK piece over at our friends at TWITCH. Promise I’ll be alright tomorrow.

23.10.08 – When in Rome

We don’t really need an excuse, we don’t even need a caption, it’s Pacino and he’s an honorary member of the CS hall of fame. However, as this is supposed to be our news page I will add that this shot was taken yesterday at the Third Rome film festival where Al helped kick off proceedings.

As part of the festival’s tribute to the New York based Actors Studio, of which the South Bronx-born actor is president, Pacino was presented with Rome’s Marcus Aurelius lifetime achievement  award. Al’s thoughts on a career he’s been the Godfather of for nigh on four decades………

“Acting is an opportunity to talk about how you really feel about things. You can’t really do that in life that much — and have friends,” he said.


23.10.08 – I think I thought I kinda knew there was something I liked about Synecdoche, New York.

I stepped out of the theatre into the cleansing sunshine of a new day trying to conceal my puffy eyes and tear streaked cheeks from a world I thought wouldn’t understand – Hey! It’s been ok for boys to cry since Gazza showed us how in 1990. Having just watched Charlie Kaufman’s SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK I was emotional to say the least. Shaun, with customary perception and tact, realised “I’d got my own shit going on” but it was difficult for me to put my finger on exactly what that “shit” was (see our film review on Day 5 of our Sitges Blog).

Still not completely reconciled with my emotions a couple of weeks after having seen the film, I at least drew some comfort from this piece posted on Green Cine Daily where Kaufman shares some of his own mortal hopes and fears. Reading back over my review it’s clear that it was the humanistic element of the film that I reacted with most strongly and it would appear that that, at least in part, was Kaufman’s aim.

22.10.08 – Hollywood remakes – Good, bad, or ugly?

Reading this article over at VARIETY reminded me of a topic previously discussed here in the dark corridors of style. Hollywood remakes of Asian films (or any non-American film for that matter). This raised its head at Sitges this year as we read about the imminent re-make of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, a film where we struggled to see the benefits a remake could bring, apart perhaps from exposing it to a wider audience. We remember how we shuddered at the rumours that Nicolas Cage (and his hair) had optioned the rights to remake the hallowed turf of OLD BOY a few years back.

While accepting the fact that subtitles are probably the kiss of death for a film’s box-office performance State-side, we wonder if the Dollars spent remaking a foreign film for U.S audiences couldn’t be put to better use trying to market and distribute the original film in a way that makes it more appealing to the masses. I’ve no doubt there are countless elements to the business side of show business that I couldn’t begin to fathom but I wonder if the numbers have a least been crunched to see if the alternative could be viable. How was CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON doing in terms of ticket sales before it garnered Oscar’s golden nod?

This subject has been discussed plenty before and there are numerous examples of remakes, good and bad, to argue the case for and against. From a purely personal perspective I was glad ABRE LOS OJOS was remade as VANILLA SKY as I liked the remake and it brought the original (which I also liked) to my attention. Ditto for INFERNAL AFFAIRS and THE DEPARTED, and THE SEVEN SAMURAI and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Somewhere there’s undoubtably a list of every such remake, not only the films that passed from foreign shores to crash on the rocks of La-La land but also those Hollywood films that have been internally recycled (sitges had its share recently with HALLOWEEN and THE WICKER MAN – starring Cage’s hair). Perhaps the studios would say they’re introducing material to a new audience, they may even admit that it helps their bottom line but that in turn allows them to support new and original projects. Is there only so much human experience that can be mined for silver screen material? I don’t know and I’ve no idea where I’m going with this. If the foreign films heading West are a representation of a migration of talent, there seems to be very little heading back in the opposite direction. And no, you can’t count Park Chan-wook’s I’M A CYBORG, BUT THAT’S OK as a remake of THE TERMINATOR.

Any lists of favourite, and not so favourite remakes, or any comments on the subject in general, would be welcome. Mail to

30.09.08 – Gary Oldman. Assassins. Tokyo. Don’t tease me.

We’re big Gary Oldman fans here at CorridorStyle and our only grouse is that we don’t get to see him in more new projects.  We both gave him the thumbs up for his outings as Commissioner Gordon in THE DARK NIGHT, however, we also made equal but opposite big fat raspberrys at BOSQUE DE SOMBRAS (doubly so because we’re also huge Paddy Considine fans). One of us (I’m not saying which) is a Harry Potter fan so has seen a little more of Mr.Oldman of late but I’m happy to see that we’ve both now got something to look forward to.

Currently in post and slated for release around 25th April next year is the Japanese thriller RAIN FALL based on one of a series of novels by Barry Eisler following ex-Vietnam Vet turned hitman John Rain. Oldman plays a CIA agent pitched against Rain (played by Kippei Shiina) in a battle over the daughter of one of Rain’s (now ex) targets. But who’s the good guy? With a description like that, coupled with the fact that it was shot in New York and Tokyo (two of CorridorStyle’s favourite cities), this film has now officially given me wood.


He was smiling… That’s right. You know, that, that Luke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end. Hell, if they didn’t know it ‘fore, they could tell right then that they weren’t a-gonna beat him. That old Luke smile. Oh, Luke. He was some boy. Cool Hand Luke. Hell, he’s a natural-born world-shaker.

25.9.08 – Anybody Fancy A Pint?

We’re hitting the Sitges festival from Saturday to Saturday, if you fancy meeting us for a beer, mail us at

25.9.08 – Shaun of the dead but with a much cooler name?

Not exactly front page movie news but we’re being self-indulgent here at CorridorStyle and there’s a tenuous link to our upcoming visit to the Festival de Sitges. I stumbled upon news of an upcoming DVD release over at our friends at QUIET EARTH. It’s a film about a Zombie called COLIN. Not so newsworthy in it’s own right but as my name’s Colin it immediately conjured up images of me staggering home drunk and zombie-like on many a Friday night. It also evens the score on the zombie flick front as the other member of the CorridorStyle team is called Shaun and he’s had one up on me since Wright, Pegg and Frost  released their genius hat-tip to the master George A Romero’s 1978 classic. That of course segues nicely into the Sitges film festival where George A. Romero will be attending to commemorate the 40th anniversary of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. While there Romero will also be attending to the small matter of firing the starting gun for the EASTPAK ZOMBIE WALK on Friday October 10th at 19:00hrs at the Miramar building. I’ll no doubt be making my own Zombie-like way back from the pub at the same time.

22.9.08 – Sitges News Update

If you check out the Sitges website there’s loads of information of the films that are showing and times etc.

22.9.08 – Trent and Mikey Are Back!

Empire are reporting that Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are teaming up again. Initially this sounds like great news, Swingers and the highly under-rated Made are big favourites in the Corridorstyle bunker but this sounds a liitle bit too safe. Four couples on an island….it seems a little bit rom-com to me, I thought the Break-Up had flashes of brilliance but in my opinion they need to re-visit the slightly darker tone of Made to completely satisfy me.

18.9.08 – Choi Min-sik is back. I wonder if he’s thirsty?

It’s been a poor effort by us on the news front this week but it’s great to come late with the news that Choi Min-sik is returning to the big screen after a three year absence. We last saw him in the final installment of Park Chan-wook’s revenge trilogy SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE since which time he appears to have been less than productive. That’s now history as he’s returned with a role in HIMALAYA, WHERE THE WIND DWELLS directed by Jeon Soo-il. The Pusan International Film Festival has announced that they will be screening the film next month but there’s no sign of it on the Sitges program as yet. Here’s hoping. However the film turns out we’re just happy to have him back as he played an inspirational part in all things CorridorStyle. Visit our friends at TWITCH for more.

12.9.08 – The Wookiee Is Back, And He’s Thirsty!

There are reports over at TWITCH and VARIETY that the new Park Chan Wook film, Thirst, is receiving some major US studio backing. I’m not quite sure what, if any, effect that this will have on us. Hopefully it means that it will get a more major release and will be on at the cinema for more than a week and at reasonable times – fingers crossed. From the looks of it, filming has only just wrapped so any chance of a screening at Sitges ’08 looks slim – get your seats booked early for an ’09 festival appearance!


There’s been reports all over the web that Arnie is going to be donning the black leather jacket and shades for Terminator: Salvation. It sounds like he’s recorded some dialogue and is going to be added in digitally to the film. Sounds like an arse about face way of doing it but if he’s in I’m all over it.


It’s getting closer! Three weeks on Saturday we hit the festival and if you check HERE there’s the beginning of some information about the films that are being screened at this year’s festival. Amongst others I’m looking forward to: MARTYRS, VINYAN, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, THE CHASER, FIGHTER, and DACHIMAWA LEE.


Having won The Golden Lion at Venice, and with a mores secure balance sheet to show it’s backers having been picked up by Fox Searchlight at Toronto for around $4 million, we think it’s time for Darren Aronofsky’s latest film THE WRESTLER to be shown the love by our friends at Sitges. See VARIETY for more.


Maybe you’ve been egged on to have a crack at this impossible plate and wondered why. Perhaps you’ve heard the intro to Civil War by Guns N’ Roses and wondered what the hell Axl was smoking. It could be that you’ve consumed the film fifty times or are only now just waking up to smell the bacon (and eggs). Either way the release tomorrow of The Deluxe, Remastered DVD of COOL HAND LUKE is one for the cart

5.9.08 – SITGES NEWS!!!

If you click over to the Sitges Film Festival website there’s a news update about an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of King Kong, some details about the jury and also something called the Fake Trailer Festival….sounds interesting!

3.9.08 – Zack And Miri Have  A Trailer

There has been a new redband trailer released for Kevin Smith’s latest film ‘Zack And Miri Make A Porno’

Check it out here: Trailer

3.9.08 – Mark Millar Talks About His Superman Ideas

Over at G4, Mark Millar has been talking about his plans to reboot the Superman franchise. You can read the full article at the link below but I’m not really sure about this one. Wanted was great, and I’m looking forward to Kick-Ass but I don’t see how they can ‘ Dark Knight-ify’ this story. Batman was always about him fighting with the darkness in him but I don’t think this isn’t what Superman’s about in my opinion. I thought the Singer version was rubbish so fingers crossed this isn’t more of the same.

Mark Millar interview

1.9.08 – Will Duchovny Rehab Affect Californication

David Duchovny last week checked into rehab in the states for sex addiction, however Showtime have confirmed that the second series was already in the can and is still on schedule to be shown this month.

1.9.08 – Does The World Need Another Lennon Biopic?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is yet another Lennon biopic, this time from artist Sam Taylor-Wood. This one is going to be looking at his early life leading up to the point that The Beatles hit big. Haven’t we already seen this with Backbeat?

29.8.08 – More Inglorious Bastards Cast News

Who the hell knows who is and who isn’t confirmed for this, so far I’ve got: Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, B.J Novak, Eli Roth and then a load of people I’ve never heard of. Today there’s three people with German names who I’m assuming are playing the baddies and one of them is the girl out of National Treasure.

28.8.08 – New Max Payne Trailer Released

There’s a new Max Payne traier out and I’m all over it. Bring back the Funky Bunch for Max Payne 2!

25.8.08 – Russell Crowe To Star In Bill Hicks Biopic?

Rumours are abound that Russell Crowe is to star in a Biopic of Bill Hicks. In my opinion, Hicks was one of the greatest stand-ups of all time but I don’t know enough about him to know if his life will make a compelling enough story. I’ve actually got a lot of confidence in Russell Crowe pulling this off and I’m actually quite excited.

22.8.08 – Kick Ass – Bunch Of Ass??

Oh no, it was all going so well. Take a fantastic, ultra-violent comic book (Kick Ass) a director (Matthew Vaughan) who’s made one of the better British gangster films of recent times (Layer Cake) and it looks pretty good. Then why don’t you ruin it all by putting shouting, confused looking, ridiculous wig wearing Nicolas Cage as the main character. That decision has just guaranteed that I won’t be watching this film.

20.8.08 – Mike Judge, Ben Affleck & Jason Bateman – Potential Best Comedy Ever??

Ben Affleck is lined up to play a lawyer in the new Mike Judge film “Extract”. A film starring Affleck, Bateman and directed by the guy who did Beavis and Butthead and Offices Space – how can this fail?

20.8.08 – Watchmen Delayed?

I’m really looking forward to this film, despite being the only one who didn’t “get” the comic book. Apparently Fox have filed a lawsuit trying to stop the release as they feel they have some claim on it. I’ve no idea where this will end up but I do love the trailer and the posters that have been released.

19.8.08 – Toronto Film Festival Lineup Announced

This one is on the list of festivals we’ve got to take in. The full lineup has now been announced and it looks like a belter, check out the official website for the full details.

18.8.08 – Pegg Announces Director For “Paul

More news from Simon’s blog – he’s announced the name of the director for the film starring and written by himself and Nick Frost, Greg Mottola. I quite like the idea of this, Frost and Pegg starring in a road movie across America directed by the guy who did Superbad. Could it be too good to be true?

18.8.08 – Ingorious Bastards Casting – Told You So!

According to his blog, Simon Pegg has had to bow out of any involvement with Inglorious Bastards (BOO!) It looks as thought Tarantino’s ruch to get it finished to show it at Cannes 09 is going to cause him more casting headaches than he probably expected.

17.8.08 – [REC] Region 2 DVD Released Tomorrow

I’ll be one of the first in the queue for this one. Apparently it’s a two disc-er with loads of extras. Can’t wait.

14.8.08 – More Inglorious Bastards Cast News

Apparently Mike Myers is rumoured to have been added to the cast for the new tarantino flick. I’m not sure, I was a big Mike Myers fan but The Love Guru stunk like rotten eggs so I’ll need some convincing if this happens to be true. It would be interersting to see him in action with Simon Pegg and Brad Pitt, let’s wait and see as I think that the cast on this will be all over the place for the next few weeks.

14.8.08 – Latest Harry Potter Film Bumped From Christmas Until Summer Next Year

I don’t know what all of the fuss is about this – at least it’s not been cancelled! Apparently it’s all to do with the fact that the writer’s strike meant that there weren’t enough big movies that were going to be ready in time for next summer so they bumped Potter.

13.8.08 – Leonardo Di Caprio + Russell Crowe x Ridley Scott = Body Of Lies

There’s a new film out directed by Ridley Scott starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe and the trailer has just been released on the web via all of the usual sources. Honestly, I’m not sure about this. Ridley Scott in general makes great films, but is also not immune to the odd clunker. Also, Crowe and Di Caprio are two actors that up until recently I found intenseley annoying and this trailer really isn’t selling it to me. I’ll still be going to watch it, check back here towards the end of September for my review.

10.8.08 – Isaac Hayes Passes

Unfortunately one of my soul favourites, Isaac Hayes, died today. I’ll be playing his masterpiece, Hot Buttered Soul, as a mark of respect. And because it’s brilliant.

9.8.08 – Bernie Mac Passes.

Unfortunately, Bernie Mac died today

7.8.08 – Rian Johnson Announces New Film

Rian Johnson directed one of the best films I’ve seen at Sitges, Brick. He’s apparently signed up to do a film called The Looper which is apparently a Philip K Dick book. That’s all I know at the moment, more news as it comes.

6.8.08 – Please God, NOOOOOO!!!!

Today’s Inglorious Bastards cast rumour is thet Britney Spears is going to be in it. Oh no.

4.8.08 – The Chaser Out On DVD

Korean serial killer The Chaser is now out on DVD and I’m going to hold out and watch this at this year’s Sitges Film Festival. Apparently there is already a remake in the works starring Leonardo DiCaprio, fingers crossed it’s as good as The Departed.

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