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In keeping with tradition we’ve finally managed to produce our “daily” festival Blog ……… a week late.

Although we’ve fully embraced the Twitterverse for our spontaneous outbursts we like to keep the Blog old skool, so it’s all note pads and ball-point pens while we’re in the trenches. If we’re being honest, this is more out of necessity than any affection for traditional journalism. As the Blog itself clearly highlights we unashamedly mix business with pleasure at the festival and operating anything more technical than a biro proves challenging (touch screen keyboards and the delirium tremens were not made for each other).

Anyone that’s sampled the tapas bar delights of Sitges will attest to the fact that that’s the right way to approach things at the festival so we’re comfortable with the fact that a little journalistic immediacy is sacrificed for an old fashioned good time.

So, without further ado, HEAD OVER HERE for the final print of our 2012 festival Blog

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