Lights! Camera! Action……

…..Roll ’em!

This time tomorrow we’ll be propping up the bar in El Cable buzzing at the excitement of what’s to come. We’re a little film-lite this year, thanks in part to large chunks of our program being dedicated to partying. However,  it’s not all about drinking and we’ve managed to line up an appropriately superstitious and spooky 13 films for our viewing pleasure. The program is likely to ebb and flow in tune with the festival’s alcoholic tides, and their resulting pull on our ability (or lack thereof) to attend early matinees or midnight extremes.

But for the record, here’s our starter for 13:

The Unjust


Another Earth

Revenge: A Love Story




Corman’s World

The Yellow Sea

Invasion Of Alien Bikini

Transcendent Man

Carre Blanc

Resurrect Dead

Gentlemen, start your engines.

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