Time Traveling Shane Carruth Loops Sitges 2004 & 2006 Together

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“They took from their surroundings what was needed… and made of it something more.”

What Shane Carruth did was take $7000 Bucks and made of it something a hell of a lot more.

We were already falling over ourselves at Sitges 2004 having been blown away by PRIMER but when we subsequently found out that the film had been pulled together for less than the price of a Nicolas Cage hair-piece we immediately wanted to know what other projects Mr Carruth was involved with.

We guess it must have been tiring for Shane to write, produce, direct, edit, fund, score and act in PRIMER because it’s taken him Seven years to get back in the game (couldn’t he have just duplicated himself in the box and halved the work?), but it’s great to see that he’s chosen to return with Rian Johnson, director of one of our other Sitges favourites, 2005’s BRICK.

Badassdigest reports here that Shane has joined Johnson on his third film LOOPER to help “with some effects for the time travel sequences”.

While it’s great to see Carruth back working in the industry in any capacity, we really want to see him back weaving his own brand of magic. During the last couple of years via various Tweets and Blog posts he’s been linked with a film known as A TOPIARY, most notably in this piece over at ThePlaylist where a big chunk of the script/plot is divulged. The project was said to be stalling due to funding issues but it appears that they may now be resolved with the film moving into pre-production.

With Carruth out and about twiddling knobs and levers on LOOPER we can only hope that this is a sign he’s had his fill of basking in PRIMER’s glory and he’s ready to put his genius hat back on.

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