A Serbian Film And Its (New)Bourne Identity.

Those that followed our Sitges Film Festival Blog this year will know that we were fairly under-whelmed by A SERBIAN FILM.  It made our festival short list purely on the buzz that preceded it (some might say as intended by the filmmakers) with the deal being sealed when it was pulled from the UK’s Film4 Frightfest program. Though not ones to chomp-on about exclusive, premier screenings and little-seen uncensored cuts, we do nonetheless like the fact that Sitges affords us the opportunity to see films (or versions thereof) that may otherwise lay a little off the beaten track.

Although we ultimately felt that the film bordered on silliness, losing much of its dramatic impact in the process, it would appear that from this post over at Alan Jones’ Frightfest Diary we were in fact fortunate to see it in its uncut form and the Sitges Festival organisers may have bitten off more than they can chew as a result.

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