The Last Post…….Before The Main Event.

The View From Corridorstyle Row

Well, that’s pretty much it. The Berocca and Paracetamol are packed, the playlist for the freshly purchased iPad are prepared and we’re looking forward to ten days of sun, tapas and bizarre foreign films.

We’ll be hitting Sitges like a freight train on fire at about 8pm tomorrow night. Our schedule currently shows 32 films that we’re seeing, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty of time to socialise. If you’re feeling friendly and want to say hello, we’ll be the ones (pic. here) wandering around Sitges trying (but failing) to look like cool film people.

We normally sit on what we like to call Corridorstyle Row in the Auditori (aisle seat on the very back row, named by us as we’re usually the only people sat there) and also in El Cable, The Road Cafe, Lizarran, Cafe Mon and wherever’s serving drinks latest.

Hasta Luego!

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