Heeere’s Johnny! Sitges announce the inspiration for the 2010 festival.

Before you ask…….no. We couldn’t come up with a more original title for this post. We’re just too excited.

The festival organisers have today announced that the 43rd edition of the festival will mark the 30th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s “THE SHINING” and we’ll have the dubious pleasure of staring down these two spooky gals as we flick through the program each day.

There will be additional tips of the hat to “BACK TO THE FUTURE” for passing the quarter century mark (boy! does that make us feel old) and “PSYCHO” for bringing up its half century.

Brush up on your Spanish and follow the link below for more details:


And even if your Spanish “no es muy bueno” you can still figure out many of the fantastic films the organisers have already lined up for us by following the link below:


These announcements officially kick off the Corridorstyle run up to the festival where we’ll be bringing our personal previews of all the films featured in the official program along with the likely contenders for our “must see” list.

Stick us on your RSS feed or follow us on Twitter as we’re sure to be posting like axe wielding maniacs between now and October 7th

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