Official Fantastic Selection opens with Let me in

Should England serve us up another kick in the nether regions on Wednesday (a concern for Spain too until last night) we can at least draw some comfort from the fact that the organisers in Sitges have begun opening the drip feed of information for films featuring at this year’s festival.

A somewhat controversial choice here at CS sees the Official Fantastic Selection opening with LET ME IN.

Having been blown away by the original Swedish version LET THE RIGHT ONE IN at Sitges in 2008 we were dismayed at the announcement soon after that Hollywood thought Tomas Alfredson’s film was sooooo good that they couldn’t wait to remake it for him, no doubt correcting his mistakes and giving the film that X factor it was obviously missing………….hmmm!

We’ll try to remain open minded and give LET ME IN the benefit of the doubt, however, I imagine we’ll ultimately find something better to watch while this remake is screened. Now if only we could find someone who could remake the 1986 World Cup quarter final so that the hand of Peter Shilton actually gets to the ball before the hand of God

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