Sitges News – Malcolm McDowell To Receive Grand Honorary Award

orange mŽcaniqueLooks like we’ll be sharing a milk with Alex this year…..

Malcolm McDowell to receive the Grand Honorary Award at the opening, which will moved up to October 1st

“Better known for his role as Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange (1971), Malcom McDowell was also outstanding in the controversial Caligula (1979), in the 1982 remake of Cat People, and also in the adaptation of horror figure Michael Meyers directed by Rob Zombie, playing the child psychologist in Halloween (presented in Sitges two years ago) and the long-awaited H2: Halloween II, among others.

The Grand Honorary Award, in recognition of his career, will be given to him at the Sitges 09 opening gala, which will take place on October 1st.

The Festival is moving its opening up to October 1st, with the Spanish premiere of[REC]2, adding an extra day to the program at this year’s edition, which ends on Monday, October 12th with the mythical movie marathon. In addition to [REC]2 the Festival has already confirmed other films like Moon (Duncan Jones), Grace (Paul Solet), Kinatay (Brillante Mendoza), Thirst ( Park Chan-wook), Yatterman andCrows II (Takashi Miike), Orphan (Jaume Collet-Serra), The Countess (Julie Delpy),The Final Destination in 3D (David R. Ellis), among many others.”

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