New Trailer For Nick Love’s Firm Remake

I wouldn’t say that I am the biggest fan of Nick Love’s output so far. I thought The Business was good, Football Factory was ok and Outlaw was initially a great idea, but a weak story and below-par performances made this into a Grade A stinker.

This remake of the late ’80s TV film The Firm attracted me for the same reason as The Business – it looks jam packed with quality trainers and tracksuits. The original was a gritty drama that was mainly carried by the legendary Gary Oldman’s performance, I’m not sure that this one’s going to be able to say the same. If his past films are anything to go by it’s going to be lots of sex,drugs, fighting and cockney wide-boys but very little substance.

I’ll be there in the queue just to get another glimpse of people with wedge haircuts wearing Tacchini tracksuit tops and Diadora Borg Elite trainers, but I suspect the rest of it will be dissappointing.

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