61 Days, 14 hours

It’s only 61 days and 14 hours until this year’s Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantastic De Catalunya (that’s the Sitges Film Festival to you and me) and already the excitement is reaching fever pitch – flights have been booked, the accomodation is reserved and the beers are on the bar.

With that in mind, we’re aiming to bring you as much information as early as possible. A few details are already available on the site here and we aim to keep you updated with trailers and information as they arrive.

As the date for entries has now passed, we’re hopeful that more information is going to be available soon, although going on past years, we’ll usually find out more some time around the middle of September.

Today’s trailer is the hotly-anticipated [REC] 2 which we expect will probably open the festival. Tickets will probably be at a premium and if the first installment is anything to go by, we’d better take spare underwear.

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