Eric Bana – Tell him he’s dreaming

I’m going to be self-indulgent.

On reading this interview with Eric Bana over at The Onion’s A.V Club, I was reminded of my first glimpse of Bana.

On a trip to Oz a few years back a friend in Perth pulled one out of the hat by treating me to a hitherto unknown Bana back-to-back with THE CASTLE and CHOPPER. I was mightily impressed by both and, as is now customary with films I like, particularly comedies I like,  I scooted on over to IMDB and THE CASTLE’s “memorable Quotes” section to remind myself why.

Dale Kerrigan: Dad reckons fishing is 10% brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck.

Eric gets two thumbs up here at CorridorStyle so, if you like his comedic turn in the latest Apatow offering FUNNY PEOPLE, we recommend storming THE CASTLE for more Bana beauties.


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