Korean Klassics

Ok. We fess up. We’re never exactly first out of the gate with news here at CS but you could say that’s because we’re built for comfort, not speed. Forgive us then for the tardy appearance of this piece on our favourite film flavour – Korean Kimchi.

Cruise through the pages of our Sitges section and you’ll quickly realise we’ve somewhat of an infatuation with Korean cinema, albeit on an admittedly narrow horizon. So, for our small, but no doubt ever growing band of faithful  Blog-bait, we thought now would be a good time to enlighten you on the who’s who of Korean cinema’s go-to men. In no time at all names such as Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho will be skipping off the tip of your tongue to the stifled gasps and admiring looks of the secretaries gathered religiously at your feet around the water cooler.

Once you’ve read this piece over at our friends at Filminfocus.com (the website of Universal Pictures’ Focus Films) give yourself an extra gold star if you spotted their one glaring omission (well done if you guessed the debut director of  last year’s stunning film THE CHASER, Na Hong-jin)


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